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BYU football recruiting: Coaches reveal signing day raps for BYU signees on YouTube

BYU coaches had fun at some point late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning.


At some point Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, Mark Atuaia and company were up penning raps for players who were set to sign with BYU on National Signing Day. After that player's National Letter of Intent was signed and delivered, BYU revealed the raps on YouTube.

I personally love seeing coaches A) Publicly let loose, and B) Shatter stereotypes.

Enjoy running backs coach Mark Atuiaia and graduate assistants Preston Hadley and Brandon Bradley.

OL Jacob Jimenez. "From Pflugerville to Cougarville"

ATH Micah Simon. "Gonna line him outside, whatchu know about that?"

OL/DL Motekiai Langi. "You gon play two gap, maybe three."

RB Riley Burt. "He putchu in the dirt."

CB Dayan Lake. "He got the faux-hawk, but my he just play, he really don't like to talk."

For the full sample of player raps, visit the YouTube page.

BONUS: The entire staff gets down to celebrate signing day. Bronco and Robert Anae kill me. I love how Anae converts the most aggressive tomahawk chop ever into sharing dap with Bryan Kehl.