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Report: SEC to consider BYU football a Power 5 opponent for future schedules

An ESPN report indicates that the SEC has changed their mind about BYU, which could open some doors.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

When the ACC and SEC announced BYU would not be considered a 'Power 5' school as far as their scheduling requirements are concerned, it seemed like a real blow in BYU's efforts to schedule big name programs all over the country.

But then, the ACC relented. And now, according to ESPN's Brett McMurphy, the SEC has as well, allowing all independents, including Army, to be considered Power Five programs for the purposes of scheduling.

BYU has a few future games with SEC schools already scheduled. They'll face Missouri in Kansas City next season as part of a home and home (Missouri will go to Provo in 2020), and the Cougars will face LSU in Houston in 2017. Previously, SB Nation interviewed multiple SEC ADs who had positive things to say about the BYU football program.

The move will give the Cougars additional scheduling flexibility, as now an SEC or ACC team could schedule BYU, perhaps even to a home and home, without having to worry about pairing them with another major conference team, amid concerns of overscheduling. While it's unlikely that large swaths of ACC and SEC schools are added in the near future, any help is good help.