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Vote on BYU football's 2015 game day t-shirt on Instagram

It seems BYU has called upon an alum graphic designer for the 2015 game day shirt, and you can vote for your favorite.

Instagram @statelytype

According to the Instagram post used for voting, it appears design B -- the Go Cougs football design -- is the winner.

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Friday, we learned graphic designer David Lesue, who operates the t-shirt design company Stately Type, has been asked by BYU to create the 2015 football game day shirt.

Lesue specializes in customizing designs for American cities and states. Some of them feature wordtype treatments that design the name of the state into the shape of the state. Others, like this Utah shirt, focus on a state-specific theme.

He released his three designs on his Instagram page, which are apparently up to an Instagram vote, with the winner becoming the official game day t-shirt.

Here are the three designs:


A photo posted by Stately Type (@statelytype) on


A photo posted by Stately Type (@statelytype) on


A photo posted by Stately Type (@statelytype) on

To vote, it seems you must log in with your Instagram account and visit this fourth post, which features all three designs. You can cast your vote by posting A, B, or C in the comments. According to the post, the vote is open only until Sunday, May 24 at 10 p.m. MT.

I like the idea of A, but not quite the execution. It's a little too design-y. I like the simplicity of C, from further away it likely looks like a standard oval-stretch Y logo, but closer you can see the lyrics to the fight song. B offers a better-executed football theme and would still be a unique choice.

There has already been some backlash on social media by those upset with the choices, but I appreciate having a game day shirt that isn't a template from an apparel company that a handful of other schools will use. And if BYU fans haven't grasped we root for a peculiar institution and team, I'm not sure what to tell you.

Go cast your vote!