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BYU Football Media Day 2015 Bingo

Have a little fun during the BYU football "state of the program" on Wednesday.

George Frey/Getty Images

BYU football media day is Wednesday, and the main event for that day is the State of the Program chat/press conference/broadcast at 9:00 am MT.

It usually entails statements from Tom Holmoe and Bronco Mendenhall, a question and answer between those two and Dave McCann, and then a few pre-screened questions from members of the media.

Some years, this event comes and goes with no exciting news. Others, we learn of several scheduling agreements at once or of a contract extension for the coach. There's no telling what we might learn or not learn at media day, but we are sure to hear certain words and/or catchphrases.

To bring some fun to your viewing of the State of the Program portion of media day, Vanquish The Foe presents to you the official BYU Football Media Day Bingo card. Fill it out as you watch/listen and see if the event is as predictable as we suspect.

Again, this is just for the State of the Program portion. We'll check back after the program to see how the card fares. Follow along on screen or print the image below for your bingo-playing pleasure.

byu media day bingo card