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Vegas sportsbook sets BYU win total at 8 wins for 2015

BYU opens at (-140u) for 8 wins next season. Is that too low?

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Today, ESPN collected the win total numbers for every major college football program, including BYU, from CG Technology, the first Nevada sportsbook to release their numbers. If this book is correct, it seems that Vegas has a slightly more pessimistic view of BYU's chances next season than a lot of Cougar fans.

BYU's win total opened at 8 (-140u), meaning that one would need to bet $140 to win $100 on BYU winning less than eight games. In other words, Vegas thinks it is more likely BYU wins fewer than 8 games in 2015 than it does BYU reaching 9 wins. This would make sense, as another oddsmaker has already tabbed BYU as the underdog in their first four games next season.

Nebraska, BYU's opening game opponent, also opened at 8 (-140u). Boise State is at 9.5 (-130o), UCLA is at 9 (-140u) and Michigan is at 7.5 (-135o).

Ohio State, unsurprisingly, opened as the overall favorite, with a win total of 11.5.