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BYU football schedules: BYU and Utah set to play in 2019, 2020

A report from the Salt Lake Tribune has the rivalry continuing for two more years.

George Frey/Getty Images

Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune confirmed with BYU a two-year extension of the football rivalry with Utah has been agreed upon:

The agreement comes amidst a big fan and media firestorm after Utah athletic director Chris Hill said his fans don't want to play BYU anymore. This, of course, set social media ablaze with indignation on both sides and manhood-measuring about who does or doesn't "need" the game.

Despite all the mind-numbing insanity that occurs around the game, the football aspect of the agreement is a good thing. Too many rivalries have been discarded by the latest waves of conference realignment. As maddening as our fanbases are, let's play the game.

The additional two years will have BYU and Utah playing football every year from 2016-2020. Presumably, with the 2018 game already slated for Nov. at Utah, the 2019 game would be in Provo and the 2020 contest in Salt Lake City.

BYU now ostensibly has the following games scheduled for 2019:
HOME: USC, Washington, Utah, Boise State
AWAY: Virginia, Toledo, Utah State, Washington State, UMass

The 2020 slate currently looks like this:
HOME: Michigan State, Missouri
AWAY: Arizona State, Utah, Boise State, Stanford, Northern Illinois