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TODAY AT BYU FOOTBALL CAMP: Volume 1 - Homicide and forgotten helmets

In order to give you all the hottest of all fall camp hot takes, we're going to dedicate all of our resources (an unpaid intern) to breaking down the daily video footage provided by the good people of BYU Football Video. Since very few of the practices are available to the public, we're using these little gems to unearth what is really going on behind the scenes at fall camp.

BYU Photo

We got another meaty slab of goodness from the folks of @BYUFBvideo and there so many new things we can learn.

0:00 - 0:04 - ARM EXTENSIONS?

It looks like our ferocious defensive linemen are working on some basic hand technique here. Or maybe this is some kind of defense mechanism for someone offering free socks? "IF SOMEONE COMES AT YOU WITH SOME FANCY NIKE HYPER ELITE SOCKS, GIVE THEM A NICE TWO ARM SHIVER AND THEN EXTEND WITH THE LEFT TO CREATE SEPARATION. BE SURE TO REMIND THEM THAT YOU ARE NOT ABOUT THAT FREE SOCK LIFESTYLE."

0:03 - 0:04 - SMILES

Smiles are good for off-the-field activities like watching a humorous television show or pretending to enjoy conversation with someone you don't care for but ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD? Maybe Devon needs to watch Remember the Titans and reminded himself that football is ZERO FUN SIR.

0:04 - 0:07 - LONG SLEEVES
This looks like a nice form tackle from a defensive player but I'm rather concerned that he is wearing long sleeves. Either he didn't get the proper equipment or he is being hazed by his fellow defensive players. And here I thought Bronco was restoring discipline to the BYU defense. OBVIOUSLY NOT.

0:07 - 0:08 - NO HELMET FOR HINE
Remember a few days back when Robert Anae said this?
No wonder Anae is waiting for Hine to get on board, THE DUDE ISN'T EVEN WEARING A HELMET. The headband is a nice start but let's get this kid some serious protection.

0:08 - 0:10 - TEJAN SIGHTING
Fun fact. The look that Tejan has in this clip is the same face I make whenever I'm about to eat a piece of prime rib on the 4th of July. No real football insight here, just a tidbit of info.

0:11 - 0:15 - BE CAREFUL TAYSOM
Oh cool Taysom is running on the field and why isn't he wearing any leg pad things? I get that no one else is wearing them but maybe we should just be a little more careful with...OH SWEET MERCY TAYSOM. IN THE NAME OF ALL THINGS HOLY WHY WOULD YOU JUMP IN THE AIR??? SOMEONE TELL HIM HE COULD GET HURT THIS WAY.

Francis Bernard and Zayne Anderson met up from some violent contact and let me just say that bad things happen to people who have the same name as the guy who used to be in One Direction.

0:18 - 0:27 - SEE MITCH RUN
So clearly Mitch Juergens needs to be the number one running back on the depth chart. In fact, I'm pretty upset that Coach Anae and the rest of the offensive staff had him play wide receiver all of last year. I mean look at the clip guys! If someone scores a touchdown on a play in fall camp, clearly they're going to be an all-american.

Also Tejan is going to need to lay low for a little while as he will be wanted for murder. Evidence at the :20 mark.

0:27 - 0:30 - WATER BALLOONS
Correct me if I'm wrong but was that a crotch shot? Savage.