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What should BYU hockey's goal horn be?

BYU Hockey needs a goal horn. Here are a few suggestions that could get the Peaks Ice Arena jumping!

In honor of the Stanley Cup Finals, its time we decide a goal horn for the BYU Hockey team.

Last season, when the Cougars scored, all that was played was AC/DC's Thunderstuck. Not bad. But hockey needs a HORN! Beyond that, I thought that we could do a little better than Thunderstuck. Perhaps you'll disagree.

A great goal horn does the following things:

  • Identifies the home team
  • Uplifts and excites the crowd and players
  • Causes immediate celebration and jubilation from the fans. Clapping, standing up, and even, chanting or singing.
With those in mind, here are a 5 goal horns that I created to try to solve BYU's goal horn woes. Presented in alphabetical order.

Chasing The Sun:

The Wanted's "Chasing The Sun" was a song heavily used at the 2014 Maui Invitational. It was great. The Cougars results at the Maui Invitational, however, not as great.

This goal horn would work because at the very least it is easy to clap along too. This may be dreaming, but it would also be a great song for the fans to "Oh, Oh, Oh" along with. Its high energy, feel good stuff.

Crazy Horses:

Before you groan, listen. This song is awesome. It was once described by Dave Grohl as the "most metal song ever."


Martin Solveig's "Intoxicated" feels like hockey. I can't describe it exactly, but it seems like a very hockey song. The fans can give it a big "WOO!" Which, as a huge Ric Flair fan, is very fun.

The energy in this one is infectious, and it even contains another element that I think is great. This goal horn would totally be loved by home fans and loathed by the opposing fans and teams. I could see them getting very annoyed with it. This is a good thing.

The Saints Are Coming:

This is a cute idea. Perhaps too on the nose with "the Saints are coming." But it has a great guitar riff, plus it does carry the relevant pun. I've been surprised that this song hasn't ever been used by BYU Sports Marketing.


Speaking of BYU Sports Marketing, this song is their darling. It's for good reason. It has caught on, which means that it will like be heard at BYU games for about 10 years longer than it should, I'm looking at you "Zombie Nation." Turbulence will live on until at least 2020. Janet Jackson's "Black Cat", released in 1990 was the intro music at BYU Hoops games until at least 2002.

Still, Turbulence works, and it does make for a good goal horn.

Have a great suggestion or a gripe? Be sure to comment below.

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