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The Roar #8: Recruiting Palooza, Y hoops heating up, and coaching rumors.

This week's most relevant topics as pertaining to your very own BYU Cougars.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

1. Recruiting Palooza:

BYU had an amazing recruiting class from the glasses of BYU fans, but mediocre when it comes to national rankings. BYU not only addressed, but far surpassed expectations as far as fitting needs. BYU was lacking wide receiver speed and holes left by Hoffman, Ridley, and Falslev. BYU filled those holes with Nick Kurtz, Devon Blackmon, Jordan Leslie, and Trey Dye. BYU also landed the popular Fred Warner, beating out USC. BYU went 3-1 head to head against USC on signing day, losing only Damien Mama to the Trojans. Not to mention a last second recruit switching from Stanford to BYU. I could write an entire article covering the excitement of BYU's recruiting class, the recruits, the transfers, and RMs, but this will have to suffice. Needless to say, expect to see immediate contributions from this 2014 signing class on the field this fall. For a full breakdown of signing day, check out the recruiting aftermath.


2. Y hoops heating up:

BYU hoops beat both Santa Clara and San Francisco last week, putting them in sole possession of 2nd place in the WCC behind only league leader and nationally ranked Gonzaga. BYU is projected by the popular "Bracketology" to be an 11 seed and play Dayton in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament. BYU has five regular season games left, two of those five being at St. Mary's on the night Dellavadova gets his jersey retired and against Gonzaga in Provo. Both games will be electric and will give the winning teams resume building wins and help settle how the WCC standings shake out. Big games to look forward to on the final stretch of the season. Time to see what BYU hoops is made of. They have a big opportunity ahead of them these next 3 weeks.


3. Coaching rumors:

The combination of Twitter and Cougarboard made this weekend quite interesting for BYU and Utah fans. Rumors were buzzing that WR Coach Guy Holliday had been offered a coaching position by Utah. Holliday neither did deny or confirm these rumors until Monday when he assured BYU fans he was rooted in Provo. Rumors also buzzed that former OC and QB for BYU received an offer by Utah to be a QB coach at Utah. Those rumors were also false. Ute fans were buzzing how they didn't want Utah to poach BYU for it's coaches, and BYU fans were worried Holliday would switch allegiances, also Doman, both being excellent recruiters. The only true, non-rumor that happened over the weekend is former Co-Offensive Coordinator Brian Johnson accepted a job offer at Mississippi St. to be the QB coach in the SEC. Congrats to him for his promotion to the SEC and a thick southern paycheck.


Your Turn:

How would you rate BYU's class from a scale of 1-10?

Who are you most excited that BYU got on recruiting day?

How many of the remaining 5 games will BYU win? Who will we lose to and why?

About 3 weeks until Spring Practices start, which position group and players are you most excited to see?

Answer in the Comments section below.. #GoCougs!