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Oregon State game set for ABC at 1:30 pm MT

Christian Petersen - Getty Images

The time and TV schedule for BYU's October 13th home game against Oregon State has been set. According to the Pac-12's website, ABC will show the game between the Beavers and Cougars at 1:30 p.m. MT.

ESPN's Mike Humes comes in with the confirmation:

Further extrapolation from Matt Sarzyniak, likely the web's best guru and resource of all things college football scheduling, has guessed that those out of market should be able to watch via Sometimes, ESPN will show an ABC/ESPN2 split, reversing the out-of-market game onto ESPN2, but this is unlikely with an ACC game set for ESPN2 within the same window.

I would guess the region for BYU-Oregon State should be most of the West. It appears it may split national ABC coverage with either West Virginia at Texas Tech, or Illinois at Michigan.

Oregon State has made this game an appealing one for ESPN to pick up. The Beavers are currently undefeated and ranked as high as #14 in polls, and have displayed a highly-capable offense. As long as OSU survives a home date this week against Washington State, it will come to Provo as an undefeated, top-15 team ready for the regional coverage. Let's hope BYU is 4-2 to help with the hype.

As for the rest of BYU's schedule, it would appear the only remaining unknown (TV-wise) is the road game at Georgia Tech. The contract with ESPN stipulates one BYU home game per year on ESPNU. If that is taken literally, then the only remaining unclaimed home game is against Idaho.

BYU's road games against to close the season at San Jose State and New Mexico State have been picked up by ESPN for either an ESPNU or ESPN3 broadcast; which destination will be decided later when the dates get closer.