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Michigan to pay BYU $1.3 million for 2015 trip to Ann Arbor

BYU will receive one of the highest payouts in Michigan history.

You get $1.3 million! And YOU get $1.3 million!
You get $1.3 million! And YOU get $1.3 million!
Gregory Shamus

BYU will be paid $1.3 million by the Michigan Wolverines for its football trip to Ann Arbor, according to Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon.

That amount is among the highest payouts Michigan has ever dished, as Big Ten teams like Michigan and Ohio State are leading the way in "scheduling up" in preparation for college football's new playoff system. Usually, a power team like Michigan would pay around $900,000 to what Brandon calls a "branded team," one that carries a big name, but stakes are now raised.

"We're trying to be creative and give our fans a chance to see some programs they wouldn't have otherwise been used to seeing," Brandon said.

As for the Cougars: "BYU, that's someone I really wanted to schedule. That's a great program and it will be fun to have them here. It'll be a big test for our team because they're always good and we're not going to return a visit."

Perhaps BYU is angling for a future home-and-home well down the road, unless Brandon forgot to use a word like "yet." It certainly confirms my belief that additional games are much more likely with Nebraska, not Michigan. Either way, playing the Wolverines in the Big House is definitely one of those things worth a one-time game, and the Cougars are going to be paid handsomely for it.