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9-year-old Utah girl runs football roughshod over boy peers

The young girl was inspired to pick up football after going to BYU games with her dad.

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The video you see above is Sam Gordon. She's a nine-year-old girl in Salt Lake City. Press play and you will see that girl running through and around her boy peers.

Keep watching, though, it's a treat. This isn't just about a girl who is faster than boys. She breaks tackles, takes hits, and then delivers hits against boys who are sometimes twice her size.

According to her father, Sam rushed for 1,911 yards and 5 touchdowns on 232 carries this season. That's 8.2 yards per carry. She also added 65 tackles on defense.

Sam apparently ditched soccer for football after going to BYU games with her father, Brent. Her jersey number 6? That's for BYU great Luke Staley, who happened to coach a team in Sam's league. She won her team's starting quarterback job, who only runs the ball (typical of that age group in little league), and tested the fastest in every speed and agility drill against 171 boys during tryouts.

Kudos, Sam. And as one of the commenters on the YouTube video put it, "Just like life. All the guys chase after the girl while she makes them all look stupid."