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BYU DE Troy Hinds snaps pic, talks football and church with Brett Favre

BYU football player Troy Hinds, currently an LDS missionary, got a memorable picture for his photo album.

Don't worry, it's faces only in these Favre pics.
Don't worry, it's faces only in these Favre pics.
Gregory Shamus

BYU defensive end Troy Hinds is currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Jackson, Mississippi and the surrounding area. It appears Mr. Hinds got to spend some time with The Gunslinger himself:

Since Mormon folk are always quick to start rumors about celebrities joining the church, "Desmond" followed with:

Hinds, a 6'5" defensive end from Kaysville, Utah, committed to BYU as part of the 2012 recruiting class. Hinds was rated as a four-star recruit and the 23rd best DE in the 2012 class by He has yet to play after departing for his mission immediately after high school.

Note: Since originally posting, I have learned "Desmond Hinds" is not related to Troy. Contact from Troy's family resulted in their request that I clarify this tweeter is not related to them and did not have permission to make the pictures public. They advised they didn't mind if the post stayed, as long as it was clarified he is not related and may not be sharing correct information.

Subsequently, it seems "Desmond" has deleted the tweets, so the embed code above no longer shows the picture.