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Ty Detmer appears to bow out of QB coach position

A series of tweets seem to indicate that the former Heisman Trophy winner is no longer considering joining BYU's coaching staff.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

In a series of Tweet earlier today, Ty Detmer seems to indicate that he's out of consideration as QB coach. It's certainly not definitive, but the language, if nothing else, indicates he's leaning toward staying in Texas. Here are the two tweets in question:

All of the usual caveats apply here. Detmer may just be playing it cool with a fan because he's in the middle of negotiations, though I think that's unlikely. He could have replied 100 other ways and given a non-answer, or just said he wasn't ready to discuss it publically yet. I think the most likely intepretation is what many folks have said all along: Detmer is living a great life right now, and giving that all up and uprooting his family may be too much.

On the podcast last night, Brandon Gurney discussed the delay in Robert Anae getting his staff put together. He said it was taking too long, and he thought something big was in the works. He didn't mention Detmer by name, but that's the name his colleague Dick Harmon threw out weeks ago, and the name most fans have been dreaming about even longer.

Nothing definitive here, but it looks likely that Ty Detmer is not going to be part of the BYU coaching staff in 2013.