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Details from Robert Anae's 2010 departure revealed as the Dr. preps return to BYU

We all thought we knew what happened in 2010.

Chris Morrison - USA TODAY Sports

When Robert Anae left BYU after the 2010 season, Bronco Mendenhall had put the offensive staff on notice. Coaches were told they would all be interviewed to retain their positions, and if desired they should start putting their name out there to other schools.

Anae and wide receiver coach Patrick Higgins left, and most people speculated that the info Bronco was dishing out about the whole process wasn't true. The offense had struggled, people felt Anae was too predictable, and it felt like the receivers dropped more than they caught in 2010. The two departures felt like the right "firings" anyway.

But as it turns out, Bronco and company were telling the truth. Here's what we learned today about what happened after the 2010 season concluded:

So Anae wanted to leave before 2010 was even over, apparently over struggles with Lance Reynolds, BYU's longest-tenured offensive coach. All along, it was assumed Anae was forced out despite what Bronco and BYU said. Maybe we shouldn't be so skeptical of the "company line" after all.