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Bronco email to players: 'A change in leadership was needed'

Bronco Mendenhall emailed all BYU players a few hours before the school announced Robert Anae's return to his offensive coordinator position.


Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune obtained a copy of an email sent from BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall to all his football players prior to the school's official announcement of Robert Anae's hire as offensive coordinator. Here is an excerpt of that email:

Some changes in our coaching staff will be officially announced shortly and I felt you deserved to hear them directly from me before they were released publicly. After much consideration, I have made the decision to release Coach Brandon Doman from his responsibilities as offensive coordinator. I am very appreciative of his hard work, loyalty and enthusiasm for BYU. It was clear, however, that a change in leadership was needed for us to truly achieve what we are capable of as a team.

Today were are announcing that Coach Robert Anae is returning to take over the offensive coordinator responsibilities. Many of you already know Coach Anae. For those who don't, he has spent the last two seasons at the University of Arizona in Tucson where he coaches the offensive line and serves as running game coordinator. Those who have played for Coach Anae in the past know that he is passionate about BYU and he'll do his very best to help each of our players reach their potential...

I ask you to trust that the decisions that I have made--and will be making--are for the improvement of the program and will be done to provide you with the best opportunity to reach your personal goals while you are at BYU.

Visit Jay Drew's blog for the full text of the email.