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Fight Hunger Bowl 2013: Potential opponents present unique challenges for BYU

A quick look at the potential teams BYU could see in its bowl game this year.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

As Thanksgiving fades in to memory and Christmas barrels towards us it is time to look at BYU's possible postseason match-ups. We know one thing at this point. BYU will be served a solid Pac-12 team for their post holiday feast. Here is a look at the potential opponents in order of likelihood.


The Huskies are powered by all everything back Bishop Sankey. They have looked spectacular at times and have lost other games in head scratching fashion. They are a run first team that should present the Cougars with a great opportunity to showcase their talented front 7. On the offensive side of the ball, Taysom Hill could be in for a huge game as the Huskies have really struggled with dual threat quarterback this season. The loss of Coach Sarkisian to USC has removed some luster from this potential match-up.


This presents the most intriguing matchup in my mind. It would be fascinating story lines across the board. Coach Anae vs. his former boss Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez, Ka'Deem Carey vs the BYU front 7, or the simple fact that these teams might combine for the most plays in any college football game ever played. This is the match-up I would most like to see as I believe it would present the most intriguing game. Points everywhere and very little defense would make for an extremely entertaining evening on the 27th of December.

Washington State

Had Wazzu found a way to beat the Huskies in The Apple Cup, they would have been the likely match-up for BYU. Those hoping for a Cougars vs Cougars match-up will need a lot of dominoes to fall their way. Should that happen, BYU would be facing a team that they dominated to open the 2012 season in Provo. The Air Raid offense that coach Mike Leach has brought from his days at Texas Tech is still struggling to take off. If you are a Cougar fan looking for the easiest route to victory, this is the match-up you are dreaming about.

I think BYU fans are really excited about playing a bowl game in San Francisco. We will have the answer to the mystery of our opponent sometime tomorrow. All of these games are extremely winnable and should present BYU with a unique challenge. No matter the opponent, we should be very excited to be appearing in this bowl game. It sure beats sitting at home drinking hot chocolate wondering where the season went wrong.