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BYU National Signing Day: Robert Anae press conference

"I've got something to prove."

Returned BYU offensive coordinator Robert Anae spoke to the media on Wednesday afternoon, and while he discussed the 2013 class a bit, Anae used the time to discuss his return to BYU and his planned philosophy.

That philosophy has had BYU fans buzzing (and giggling): Go fast, go hard. Anae wants to prove that the BYU offense can play just like the BYU defense has over the last two seasons. Recently, 2013 signee Brayden Kearsley was quoted saying of Anae talking to him, "there's no time for a huddle."

Additionally, in the nighttime BYUtv recruiting special, Anae said:

Excited? That would be a different philosophy than we saw from Anae in his first stint as offensive coordinator from 2005-2010, which saw a more paced, deliberate approach.

Also different? Anae wants to draw from his experience with Rich Rodriguez at Arizona and use the quarterback to run the football -- but in a safe, measured way.

Anae also seemed a touch more open than he did in his previous Provo tenure -- in so many ways, it really does seem Dr. Bob departed to Tucson for his own two-year mission, and returns home to BYU with new ideas, new attitudes, and something to prove.

And BYU should be better for it.

Click on the video at the top of the post to view Anae's press conference.