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BYU National Signing Day: Bronco Mendenhall press conference

The BYU coach addressed the media on National Signing Day, the first day of what starts his 9th season at the helm.

BYU head football coach Bronco Mendenhall spoke on National Signing Day to address the state of the BYU program and the 2013 signing class.

As the recruits showed, the number one need the team wanted to address was offensive line. Eight of the 12 official signees on the offensive side of the ball were linemen.

As for the state of the program ...

Coach Mendenhall said that being a top 25 team is the minimum requirement at BYU -- something it has done in five of the past seven seasons, but not in 2012.

Bronco's intent is to design the most complete program in the world, including helping his players grow spiritually, intellectually, in character, and to provide service to others -- then to be really good at football. This is the "football is fifth" lineup so many fans seem to hate, but Bronco made something pretty clear: this was his directive from the school, not something he just made up. So any other coach would be told the same thing.

There are eight players return from missions: Jordan Black, Algernon Brown, A'i Ho Ching, Tuni Kanuch, A.J. Moore, Joey Owens, Bryan Sampson, and Sae Tautu.

Click on the video at the top to see Bronco's presser.