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BYU designates more titles on football coaching staff

Recruiting coordinator remains open as the rest of coaching leadership is named.

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Bronco Mendenhall has doled out official titles which outline coaching leadership on the BYU staff, which the school announced on Friday morning:

New offensive coordinator Robert Anae has been designated as assistant head coach.

Secondary coach Nick Howell has been given the title of defensive coordinator.

Linebackers coach Kelly Poppinga has added special teams coordinator to his responsibilities.

While Howell was given the DC title, Mendenhall will continue to call plays for the defense.

Some have speculated that Mendenhall is putting in place his succession plan. While it's good to do so, I find it unlikely this is the main motivation behind the moves. Lance Reynolds was assistant head coach previously, yet was rarely discussed as the "head coach in waiting."

More likely, Bronco is using the titles at his disposal to reward coaches who have done well and set up the salary structure of the staff.

One position that remains to be filled is that of recruiting coordinator. Previously, the recruiting coordinator was a coach already on staff. (Joe Dupaix, the former running backs coach, filled this role at BYU for the past two seasons.)

Now, thanks to new rules from the NCAA, a recruiting coordinator and support staff can be hired separate from the coaching staff and can participate in any and all recruiting activities, save for off-campus visits.

I have yet to hear many rumors regarding the changed position and how BYU plans to fill it, but it may be possible that Dupaix ends up remaining on BYU's staff as a full-time recruiter.

As far as the current staff, Guy Holliday adds ties to Texas and the South, while Kelly Poppinga has the Pacific Northwest on lockdown. Anae and Mark Atuaia hold the pull to maintain the link to Polynesian recruiting. Perhaps the new recruiting coordinator can fill a need region- or position-wise for BYU. Dupaix certainly had a zeal, so he would still be a good choice.

Time will tell.