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Ziggy Links: April 22

The nation is writing about Ziggy Ansah as the NFL Draft approaches. Here's your Monday linkage.


One writer ranks Ansah the #1 defensive end in the draft. Atlanta GM Thomas Dimitroff: "The combination of size, athleticism, natural skills to get up field and turn the corner is off the charts." ... Phil Savage, the executive director of the Senior Bowl: "If the game is too fast for him he could be a little lost soul out there." - Milwaukee Journal Sentinal

The much-written story about Ansah's relative inexperience comes again from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and the Chronicle-Telegram in Ohio.

Of the oft-made comparison to Jason Pierre-Paul, New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese: "I hate to compare players, but he is a long, tall, big athlete, probably a little bit raw, but you want to coach those kind of guys."

"His upside is out the freaking roof," BYU linebackers coach Kelly Poppinga told the Chronicle-Telegram. "There's still tons of things he can learn - gaps, different defenses. You can draft the dude just off potential. "The kid's a hard worker. He loves to learn, loves to work."

"Of all the prospects in this year's NFL draft, BYU pass-rusher Ezekiel Ansah has experienced the most meteoric rise," writes Mike Jones of the Washington Post. "[Ansah] says he sits up late at night, watching NFL Network, trying to educate himself on the game. 'I see some things, I have no idea [what] they are. This is going to be my life so I just try to suck it all in.'

Yahoo's Shutdown Corner ranks Ziggy the #13 prospect of this year's draft. "For all the talk about Ansah's athleticism, perhaps the most intriguing (and most immediately NFL-transferable) aspect of his play is his power inline when he wins the leverage battle, and sometimes when he doesn't -- there's enough pure upper-body strength to push through technique flaws at times."

Lastly, has targeted Ziggy as a likely target of the Detroit Lions.