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NFL Free Agent Signings: Kaveinga, Ogletree, Brown, Hansen all sign with NFL teams

After Ziggy was the only Cougar drafted, several more players have signed with NFL teams.

Uona the Masher.
Uona the Masher.
Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

The annual post-draft flurry of NFL free-agent signings has begun, and BYU players have begun to find teams.

In a signing that will likely have the most crossover with BYU fans, given the team's proximity, is the signing of Uona Kaveinga by the Denver Broncos. The USC transfer tallied 106 tackles and four forced fumbles in his two seasons at BYU. Kaveinga didn't rack up as many tackles as Brandon Ogletree or chase people down like Kyle Van Noy, but when he hit someone everyone in the stadium knew it.

Speaking of Ogletree: the tacklemaster (102 just last season) signed with the Miami Dolphins. Ogletree was often overshadowed by more electric players, but bringing the proverbial lunch pail has at least earned him a shot at an NFL roster.

The first free-agent signing to come across the wire was of offensive lineman Braden Brown signing with the Saint Louis Rams, while fellow hoss Braden Hansen signed with the Oakland Raiders.

Players we hope to hear news about soon include Preston Hadley (DB), Romney Fuga (DL), Riley Stephenson (P), and Reed Hornung (DS).

UPDATE - 4/28

Romney Fuga tweeted Sunday he will be joining Kaveinga in Denver, while Preston Hadley received a minicamp invite with the Seattle Seahawks where he'll have an opportunity to earn a contract.