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Vote for the 2013 BYU football game day shirt

BYU wants to hear from you.

BYU Football Facebook

Sometimes making game-day t-shirts is difficult. We all cheer for a school who gave 10 good years of mocking to its rivals over a game-day shirt.

2012 saw the super-motivational "Every Day Is Gameday" t-shirt, marking the first time in five years I didn't spring for the official shirt.

This year, BYU wants your input and has rolled out four options on its Facebook page. First impression: BYU hit .750 with these offerings, but with one bad option in play, your vote is needed! Here are the shirts:



Full Speed Ahead? Yikes. Perhaps if we were rooting for the BYU Titanics or the BYU Locomotives, but even then .......

My preference lies with options B and C. Any school can have words on a shirt like design A. It looks more like a form shirt, a design with a ready-to-plug catchphrase. I like B because "Go Fast, Go Hard" became the unofficial slogan of this year's team, so "GO" incorporates that. In one word and a helmet, it kind of says "Go fast, go hard, go Cougars."

Something about the simplicity of C really speaks to me, though. No catchphrase needed.

According to the photo album description, votes will be counted until Wednesday, May 1 at 5 p.m. MT. Wherever your loyalties lie, hop into the comments and at least ensure that option D doesn't become a reality.