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Video: Taysom Hill wears awesome hat, again puts down knee re-injury rumor

Even the best of us can get bad information sometimes, but time to put this baby to bed.

Taysom Hill golfed for Bronco Mendenhall's team at the Rivalry for Charity golf tournament at the Salt Lake Country Club on Monday, an act in itself that contradicts Internet speculation that he has re-injured his left knee. This confirms what was reported from a BYU Fan Fest event three weeks ago:

But if that wasn't enough, Hill directly put down the rumor while speaking with KSL-TV's Rod Zundel. He also showed off excellent decision-making skills in the head gear department.

Hill infamously injured the knee during the closing seconds of a 6-3 home victory over Utah State on Oct. 5, 2012 when a "victory formation" signal ended up being too similar to the "run that play again" signal.

Hill finished his freshman season throwing 42-71 for 425 yards and four touchdowns while rushing for 336 yards and four touchdowns more.