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Top 10 BYU football players, according to EA's NCAA 14

The programmers and designers at Electronic Arts have never watched BYU's place-kicking game.


As usual, college football fans are getting a summer pigskin fix as details are revealed from the latest version of the NCAA Football franchise of EA Sports. For the NCAA 14 release, BYU as a team was rated with an 83 overall rating, including a terribly-low 83 on defense.

Thanks to Operation Sports, we now also know the top 10 players for all 126 schools at the FBS level. Which digitally-similar avatars are rated best for the Cougars?

1. Cody Hoffman WR #2 - OVERALL 91
Senior WR #2 checks in with 89 speed and 88 agility ratings, but a strength rating of only 57. Pssh. Don't Hassle The WR #2.

2. Kyle Van Noy OLB #3 - OVERALL 89
Think OLB #3 was sold a bit short here, especially with an 83 speed rating. But ratings of 88 and 87 on acceleration and awareness will do. #OLB3forHeisman

3. Brock Stringham RG #74 - OVERALL 87
What puts a returning offensive lineman into BYU's top 5? An acceleration score of 91. Looks like Bronco should think long and hard about putting an offensive lineman at the goalline to return kicks.

4. Daniel Sorensen SS #9 - OVERALL 86
Heat-seeking strong safety #9 rates in the mid to high 80s in everything but strength. If head-hunting were rated by EA, SS #9 would surely be a 95 or above.

5. Justin Sorensen K #37 - OVERALL 84
Alright, I guess it's unreasonable to think EA can watch every team's real life games or highlights, but this seems off. I'd have to have kicker scores from the other 125 teams to know exactly where this fits.

6. Eathyn Manumaleuna LE #55 - OVERALL 84
Methuselah himself checks in at #6 on the BYU roster due to his old-man strength rating of 86.

7. Ross Apo WR #1 - OVERALL 84
With an acceleration score of 90, it's clear throwing screens to WR #1 is definitely the best way to utilize his talents.

8. Ryker Mathews LT #72 - OVERALL 82
The left tackle checks in with the highest strength rating of BYU's top 10 at 89.

9. Jamaal Williams RB #21 - OVERALL 81
Agility and acceleration are both at 84 for the young running back, but I'll boldly say that a strength rating of 64 is a slap in the face.

10. Jordan Johnson CB #6 - OVERALL 80
With ratings of 90 on speed and 91 on acceleration, CB #6 is easily the fastest of BYU's top 10.

50 days until fall camp, when we can actually discuss real-football-type things!