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Record Chasing: Kyle Van Noy hunting 3 all-time BYU records

Kyle Van Noy is: The Eraser.

Douglas C. Pizac-USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago, I detailed just how close Cody Hoffman is to becoming the all-time record holder at BYU for several receiving marks. There are a few more Cougars pacing for school records as well, and one of them is the scintillating senior Kyle Van Noy.

Van Noy doesn't rack up huge tackle numbers, which is to be expected from his weak-side position. He isn't asked to tackle in volume, he's asked to make big plays -- and he delivers. In 2012 alone, KVN recorded 13 sacks, 22 tackles-for-loss, two interceptions, six forced fumbles, and two blocked kicks.

Because of a monster 2012, it shouldn't take long in 2013 for Van Noy to be a BYU all-time record holder in at least two categories, with a third record definitely still attainable.

The first is the tackles-for-loss category. In 2012 alone, Van Noy single-handedly erased 120 yards worth of opponents' offense with TFL. His amazing performance against San Diego State in the Poinsettia Bowl (3.5 TFL, 1 forced fumble, 1 blocked kick, 1 interception, 2 TD) vaulted him to third place in TFL at BYU.

1. Jeff Slipp - 49
2. Randy Brock - 46
3. KYLE VAN NOY - 44.5
-- Jan Jorgensen - 44.5
5. David Nixon - 43.5
6. Byron Frisch - 43

With only five TFL in 2013 (he recorded 7.5 as a freshman), Van Noy leaves Provo as the all-time best yardage eraser.

KVN is also pursuing the forced fumble mark:

1. Glen Redd - 12
-- Randy Brock - 12
3. KYLE VAN NOY - 11*
4. Phil Jensen - 10
-- Ross Varner - 10

*- The always awesome CougarStats is the go-to source for anything BYU football statistic. CougarStats has Van Noy down for 10 forced fumbles, but the NCAA's official stats site has him at 11.

After tying Jan Jorgensen in the TFL category, KVN is within striking distance of The Janimal's all-time sacks mark at BYU as well.

1. Jan Jorgensen - 30
2. Mekeli Ieremia - 27
3. Jim Herrmann - 26
4. Randy Brock - 25
-- Jason Buck - 25
6. Byron Frisch - 23
-- Shawn Knight - 23
8. KYLE VAN NOY - 22

While on one hand, the sacks mark will take much more climbing to achieve, on the other, KVN tallied 13 sacks last season. (He recorded 7 as a sophomore.) It will take another great season, but it isn't out of the question.

To me, Van Noy's mark has already been made. But he is setting up to etch his name at the top of several defensive lists to stand as one of BYU's best ever.