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Big Media Day announcement possibilities: Dick Harmon enticing or trolling BYU fans?

Deseret News veteran Dick Harmon has placed some interesting odds on a "big announcement" during Wednesday's media day. Does he know something we don't?

"Mr. Harmon, your expectations are HERE, when they should be down HERE."
"Mr. Harmon, your expectations are HERE, when they should be down HERE."
George Frey

We BYU fans are already jaded. Through the power of BYUtv and its unmitigated availability, BYU has staged a few of its own Football Media Days since becoming independent and is set to do so again on Wednesday. But instead of making it a must-see event by using it as a platform for big announcements, the school has left anticipating fans wanting more.

Will that change tomorrow? Dick Harmon, sage BYU beat writer for Deseret News, has sent a thrill up the collective leg of BYU fandom with his Monday piece about the media event. In it, Mr. Harmon lays down odds of certain items being discussed or announced. They are:

-- Something new to break about the series with Utah - 500:1

-- Something new to break about bowl contracts - 8:1

-- Bronco Mendenhall contract news - 4:1 ... Actual details being revealed - 30:1

And the kicker:

A big announcement: Could something really newsworthy be revealed Wednesday? Odds of Mendenhall or Holmoe making a significant announcement of great significance during media day: 5 to 1.


Does Harmon know something we don't? AND WHAT COULD IT BE? Just when we think BYU has lost any ability to surprise us and use this media day vehicle, maybe we'll get a huge surprise.

Here are some possible topics for a significant announcement of great significance:

-- A scheduled series with a major player in college football. Maybe that Ohio State opener that almost happened this year as led to an agreement. Or some nailed down, official info on further games with Nebraska and/or Wisconsin could come to light.

-- A game on international soil.

-- Further renovation to LaVell Edwards Stadium, its facade, or immediately-surrounding facilities. Ooh, maybe a gameday parking solution?

-- A permanent return to royal blue, replacing the dark blue of 1999-2012.

-- THE BIG 12?

The possibilities are endless!

So there I'll be, glued to the State Of The Program and True Blue broadcasts from 10 am - 12 pm MT waiting for something big -- and then walk away with, "well, BYUtv has brand new mobile sites so that's cool right?"