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Plan appears in place for Jim McMahon to finish degree, qualify for BYU Hall of Fame

A long-awaited moment in BYU sports may be in the works.

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

A string of tweets today indicate that BYU legend and fellow Roy High alumnus Jim McMahon may be on a path to finish his degree, thereby qualifying him for the BYU Hall of Fame.

A foreshadowing to this came a good nine months ago, when BYU athletic director Tom Holmoe tweeted this in response to fans' inquiries:

Why isn't McMahon, breaker of 70 (!) NCAA records, in the BYU sports Hall of Fame? University rules dictate that a player must be a graduate to have a jersey retired or be inducted into the HOF. This has become a hot-button issue among fans wanting to see Jimmy Mac honored, as he did not finish a degree.

Today, McMahon began tweeting pictures of a visit to campus, including one with what appears to be a meeting with Holmoe.

But here's where we get the meat. Matt Edwards, grandson of LaVell and now a graduate assistant, tweeted the following:

Jimmy Mac also responded to fan inquiries specifically about his degree and possible induction to the BYU HOF:

His tweets indicate the hoped-for timeline has a 2014 induction in sight.

While nobody has come right out and said it, it certainly appears BYU and McMahon are working together to make this long-awaited moment become a reality. McMahon was beyond awesome at and for the school. And kudos to Holmoe. All he does is get. things. done.

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