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Know The Bro: BYU safety Daniel Sorensen

Know The Foe? No, Know The Bro is a feature that highlights BYU football players you should be excited about watching this fall.

Sorensen #9 prepares to torpedo San Diego State's TE Gavin Escobar
Sorensen #9 prepares to torpedo San Diego State's TE Gavin Escobar

Daniel Sorensen

Class: Senior
Position: Safety
From: Colton, California
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 215 lbs


In 2011, Daniel finished the season third on the team with 61 tackles. In 2012, he finished 2nd with 67. Over the last two seasons, Daniel has been a true road warrior, posting 6 or more tackles at Ole Miss(6), Texas(8), TCU(7), Tulsa (9), Notre Dame (10), Georgia Tech (8), San Jose State (8). In fact, in 2012, he had 46 tackles on the road (including neutral sites) and just 21 at home. Last year he also added 4 pass break-ups, 3 interceptions, and 2 forced fumbles.*


Daniel Sorensen is like a laser-guided missile on the football field. He seems to intuitively know where the ball is going to be, and he gets there immediately. His hard hits drop ball-carriers on impact, and he combines that strength with a great field awareness that allows him to break up passes and make interceptions. Having your safety be one of your top tacklers isn't always ideal, but it's comforting to know Daniel is back there to make the stops when necessary. Here's a clip from Spring ball of Taysom Hill talking about throwing against Sorensen.

What to watch for

Watch for Daniel to continue his "road warrior" ways - and this will be especially helpful this season, as the Cougars have several tough road contests this season, including Wisconsin and Notre Dame. He is a game-changer. When someone gets past Kyle Van Noy, Daniel will be there to stuff them. Want to know some more? Check out the video below, from BYUtv's True Blue, that aired last fall.

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