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Utah tentatively announces two more games with BYU for 2017-18

The Holy War will get an extension after all, starting in 2017 with a game in Provo, and a late season matchup in Salt Lake City in 2018.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

At BYU Media Days, BYU AD Tom Holmoe mentioned that BYU fully intended to renew the series with Utah after a brief break, and planned on announcing something soon. Soon apparently meant today, as the University of Utah announced a 2 game scheduling agreement with a game in Provo in 2017, and a return date in Salt Lake in 2018.

The 2018 date is notable in that it will be scheduled in November. Utah AD Chris Hill indicated that this will be an 'unusual circumstance', given the difficulties in navigating Pac-12 scheduling, so don't look for this to necessarily be a regular occurrence. Hill detailed the unofficial nature of the agreement as the Pac-12 needs to officially sign off on the November game in 2018.

Block U was less than thrilled about the development, expressing concern that Utah might not be as up for the game after completing the bulk of their Pac-12 league schedule. I suspect it's impossible to tell if the later timing would help or hurt Utah until BYU's full schedule is released. Any advantage that BYU might be able to gain from later scheduling might be negated if they have to play Wisconsin, Notre Dame or Boise State the week before as well.

When and where the Holy War will be played after the 2018 meeting is up in the air, as Utah may decide to alternate playing BYU and Utah State, or space future meetings out more.

What do you think? Are you okay with a 2 more matchups being scheduled, or were you hoping for a longer term deal? Do you care if the game is scheduled early in the season, or later?