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"The Holy War Awakens" Part 2 may stir the force in all of us

The second trailer makes a great sequel to the first!

After the tremendous success of the first "Holy War Awakens" trailer, how could fans not want more? The second trailer to the fan video doesn't disappoint as it tries to stir our emotions with good, and bad, plays from both sides of the ball. We get to see the heroes and the villains as they make play on the field, just daring us to get excited for Saturday.

In most scenes it is obvious who is on what side, although not all are a given. Ron Mcbride would make a great kind and gentle Palpatine, while LaVell Edwards would counter with the all-knowing Yoda. There is no doubt where Urban Meyer stands while there is quite a bit of question on which side Gary Crowton belongs on. You can decide where else everyone else fits in the saga but don't miss appearances by Luke Staley, Max Hall, Jake Heaps, JD Falslev, Andrew George, John Beck, Austin Collie and others as we get closer to the next chapter of The Holy War!

H/T Youtuber User bemorte