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Utah punter Tom Hackett calls BYU players "bastards," claims BYU is living in Utah's world

The Utes have been the more vocal side before kickoff.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Hackett, Utah's excellent two-time Ray Guy award winning punter, has decided to weigh in on the Holy War rivalry. Hackett had this today during the Las Vegas Bowl pep rally:

"I'm lucky enough to be one of the many players on the football team that actually has never lost to these bastards. Which leads me to end and say, this is Utah's world and BYU is living in it." -- Tom Hackett

And you thought Australian punters that refer to themselves as fat and lazy would be more jovial.

To be fair, Hackett is using the word "bastard" in a joking, relaxed way. It carries with it a simple ribbing that occurs all the time when you compete against your friends. That's how I take it.

In addressing Hackett's assertion that "This is Utah's world," I suppose he is speaking in terms that make sense to someone who participated in the Land Run of 1893 -- an event recreated in the 1992 Tom Cruise movie Far and Away. Utah has won the last 4 game of this rivalry certainly "staking their claim" to the advantage in the Holy War.

The pregame smack talk salvos have all come from the University of Utah as Hackett joins teammate DT Seni Fauonuku. The Cougars have bit their tongue, perhaps waiting to let their words fly postgame.