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Utah fan starts GoFundMe campaign to lure BYU's Taysom Hill to the Utes

A Utah fan has started a crowdfunding campaign, #TaysomtoUtah, to try to lure Taysom Hill to play quarterback for the Utes.

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Ever since Taysom Hill's injury in the BYU season opener at Nebraska, speculation has abounded about what the future would hold for the talented quarterback who has not just battled, but been in a war with the injury bug. Four possible narratives have since been in debate for the past 12 weeks. Here they are from least discussed to most popular:

  1. Taysom Hill, having now suffered three season-ending injuries, decides to move forward with his degree and work in the competitive and lucrative world of Wall Street.
  2. Taysom Hill chooses to pursue an NFL career.
  3. Taysom Hill elects to return to the Cougars once again and competes with Tanner Mangum to be BYU's signal caller or switches positions in 2016.
  4. Taysom Hill uses the NCAA's graduate transfer rule and quarterbacks at another institution.

When presuming option four, the most prevalent thought consists of a move by Hill to Ann Arbor, Michigan to reunite with Jim Harbaugh for the Wolverines. Remember Harbaugh initially landed Hill at Stanford and continues to correspond with Taysom. A move like that makes some sense. However, Hill would still be engaged in a tough battle for starting quarterback with Houston transfer John O'Korn. If you recall, O'Korn and Hill battled twice in close contests in which Hill came out on top each time.

The thought of Taysom Hill at quarterback is intoxicating. Even to Utah fans.

While Michigan leads the groupthink graduate transfer race for Taysom Hill, this certainly doesn't preclude fanbases from other universities with a need under center to pine for Hill's services. The thought of Taysom Hill in the backfield is intoxicating after all. There is a sense, likely a correct one, that BYU and college football fans never witness Hill at his fullest quarterbacking excellence — a mind-numbing thought considering his previous performances.

Enter University of Utah fan Alan Malae.

Malae created a GoFundMe campaign entitled #TaysomtoUtah. The campaign is seeking donations up to $12,000 to help get Taysom Hill to play for the Utes by using the money to "get billboards put up at the point of the mountain and to set up a recruiting website."

Now before you start fuming and claiming that this being simply a troll job carried out by fans stoking the rivalry fire, calm down. Remember what I said three paragraphs ago. The thought of Taysom Hill at quarterback is intoxicating. Even to Utah fans.

Malae writes, "Your time at BYU was amazing. Even us Utah fans bowed our heads in respect over the last few years while we watched you play, and then bowed again even lower when you were injured this past season. We've oft daydreamed of what it would be like to have you as the quarterback of our squad. The sky would literally be the limit. The truth is Taysom, red or blue, you are loved throughout Utah."

In the BYU-Utah rivalry, this is the warmest, fuzziest paragraph one could imagine. Read it again. This time, you may just faintly hear Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes," or look out your window and see John Cusack with a boom box.

Needless to say, if Taysom Hill chose to attend the University of Utah, it would create quite a stir. As if there was anything even needed to mix up the rivalry stew between now and September 10, 2016, imagining Taysom in red playing against the Cougars is totally surreal. This is, of course, assuming he would survive Utah's first game against Southern Utah injury free.

Hill certainly would benefit Utah on the football field. Utah needs an answer at quarterback in 2016. Whether Utah benefits Hill's priorities and desires, well, that's why teams recruit.

Who knows whether a billboard at the point of the mountain and a fan-created recruiting website would even register or factor in the mind of Taysom Hill. But it might. I mean John Cusack did get the girl at the end of Say Anything.