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In order to give you all the hottest of all fall camp hot takes, we're going to dedicate all of our resources (an elderly fan who can transcribe notes) to breaking down the daily video footage provided by the good people of BYU Football Video. Since very few of the practices are available to the public, we're using these little gems to unearth what is really going on behind the scenes at fall camp.

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

I'll be the first to admit that trying to glean super serious football insights from video clips of a practice isn't the most effective BUT yesterday there was a scrimmage which is pretty much a game. That makes this this latest video from @BYUfbvideo as good as game film.

Let's take a look and see what the Cougars have for us.

You see what they did there with their legs? The sideways jog and then stretch thing? I hear it's part of the advanced training system that new strength coach Frank Wintrich has implemented this offseason. The idea is that before the players start practice they do this thing call "warm ups" to get them loose for the rest of the session. I know it sounds kind of crazy but I trust Coach Wintrich and his modern thinking. There are also rumors that the training staff will be using athletic tape to help support the players ankles while they play. There's nothing that I can confirm yet but it sounds like an interesting development.

0:05 - 0:11 - TANNER MANGUM
Looks like we can throw all of the fancy recruiting stats and Elite 11 trophies with this kid because based on very limited footage of a select number of plays it's clear that Tanner Mangum is going to be a bust. For the second scrimmage in a row Tanner threw an interception (last week he had two so maybe we should be thankful he only threw once this week). Sure he's only been home from his mission for a few months but how long can he use that excuse. A month after I came home I was back to averaging 1.2 points, 0.8 rebounds and -2.7 assists in my church basketball league, almost the exact stats I had before the mission. I understand that college football is hard and stuff but we really should be seeing more from Mangum.

0:12 - 0:16 - TAYSOM PLAYS IT SAFE
Look it's Taysom rolling out for a pass play. This is a pass right? Why does Taysom still have the ball? Isn't he going to throw OH DEAR HEAVENS TAYSOM DON'T YOU DARE RUN THE FOOTBALL THIS IS JUST A SCRIMMAGE. Now a defender is giving chase? I swear on the grave of Gordon Monson that if he even thinks about tackling Taysom I will make sure that BYU housing banishes him to The Riviera (affectionately known as the apartment complex where that one student was caught cooking meth) for the rest of his time... HUZZAH!!! TAYSOM RAN OUT OF BOUNDS. CAN SOMEONE BLOW THE WHISTLE ABOUT 27 SECOND SOONER NEXT TIME? THANKS.

0:16 - 0:19 - BRONSON, IS THAT YOU?
This is a nice catch by sophomore Trey Dye but my main concern here is why Bronson Kaufusi is covering him out in the flat. It's pretty obvious that he is a defensive lineman so the fact that he is dropped into pass coverage in this situation is almost as silly as Taysom Hill running down the field with the kickoff team. The only reason Bronson would be out that far is if he is playing the outside linebacker position, which is just silly. Why would you take an immensely talented defensive player and make him change to a new position that requires open field athleticism that he clearly doesn't have? Making a player change from a lineman to a linebacker is a huge mistake that I hope the BYU coaches never make.

0:19 - 0:28 - ADAM HINE
For such a long run I would think that there would be some kind of excitement or celebrating happening somewhere on the sideli...

0:28 - 0:30 - FIST PUMP
There is it!