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VIDEO: Watch BYU's two miracle touchdowns from Tanner Mangum, Kai Nacua to beat Boise State

Tanner Mangum threw another prayer and Kai Nacua sealed the win.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

If you thought Tanner Mangum couldn't do it again ... well, you were wrong.

Facing a 4th & 7, trailing 24-21 and out of field-goal range, Mangum did it again. He escaped pressure, navigated the pocket, and dropped one into the endzone.

And once again, he was helped by an amazing catch -- this time, Mitch Juergens, who climbed the ladder for a miraculous game-winner. Here is the video in all its glory:

The craziness didn't stop there. After we wondered how BYU could possibly get enough points to come back, we went to jubilant celebration -- and then, somehow, the Cougars put a cherry on top. Kai Nacua nabbed his third interception of the game and returned it all the way for an improbable 11-point win.

A video posted by @lukezim on

Wow. BYU is 2-0.