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Listen to Greg Wrubell call yet another game-winning BYU Hail Mary

I mean, the first one was fun, why not do it again?

Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images

There are lots of ways to win a football game, but BYU seems to have found the one that works the best for them, by chucking the ball as far as they can right before the game clock expires. The Cougars connected on yet another late-game bomb, to push BYU ahead for a 35-24 victory over Boise State. The win will almost certainly launch them into the Top 25, and maybe farther, setting up a suddenly very interesting road trip to UCLA for this week.

And what better way to relieve the bomb, (or catch it for the first time, if you went to sleep), than by listening to Greg Wrubell call the Hail Mary? The call also includes BYU's extra score, a interception returned for a touchdown in the closing seconds. SOMEHOW HE CAUGHT IT....then...WITH THE HAT TRICK! TOUCHDOWNNNNNNNNN.

Just, uh, maybe don't play these with the audio all the way up if there are sleeping babies around.