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BYU Football Week 2 POWER RANKINGS: The Best of beating Boise State (or, Oops they did it again)

Apparently BYU fans didn't experience enough drama in the first week of the season so the Cougars decided to give everyone a second stress / elation related heart attack. To break down this thrilling home opener we bring you POWER RANKINGS, a not-so-scientific ordering of the best from week to week.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Before jumping into the rankings, let me share a brief story.

I happen to be one of the most painfully superstitious people on planet earth. Just how superstitious you might ask? I still maintain that I lost a basketball game in the 5th grade because I wore the wrong pair of socks. If you want a more recent example, Saturday I went to watch the game at a friend's house and I brought an extra shirt just in case the one I was wearing brought us bad luck. YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT. I BROUGHT A BACKUP SHIRT FOR LUCK. I have some serious issues but you already knew that.

Along with my obsession with superstition, I believe in the "If I make this shot, ____ will happen" principle. It all started back in 1996 at the Cotton Bowl when I sank a backwards half-court shot hours before we went to the game. My dad said that if I made the shot then BYU would win and of course it worked. Fast forward to yesterday about an hour before game time. Before throwing away a used paper towel, I thought to myself, "If I make this, BYU will win tonight." Did I make the shot? Let me answer that question with another question. DID COLONEL JESSUP ORDER THE CODE RED?


I don't want to take credit for everything that happened last night but I like to think I had some role in the victory. Now let's get on with the rankings.


Honorable Mention

Only one honorable mention this week and it goes to THE Tom Holmoe because he is the best and we should love him forever. While USC's athletic director is down on the field yelling at refs, ours is cheering our guys onto victory. He's clearly telling Nacua to go down so he didn't fumble the ball on the return but Kai was like 'nah I got this bruh' and took it to the house. Tom was cool with that too.

10) Logan Taele

When Travis Tuiloma went down with a knee injury last week Bronco Mendenhall didn't shy away from the fact that it was a huge loss. Multiple times he said that Travis was the best player on the defense and that his presence in the middle would be sorely missed. Enter Logan Taele. The starting defensive tackle moved down nose guard and to say that he performed admirably would be an understatement. The BSU offense was only able to muster 64 rushing yards on 31 carries and the majority of their big offensive plays cam outside the tackles.

Even if Logan didn't have a huge game he still makes this list based on this photo alone. He looks like the Polynesian version of Brian Bosworth but even better because the Boz never had a mustache.

9) Michael Wadsworth

As mentioned previous, I was watching the game with a group of friend and at multiple points during the game someone would lean over and ask, "Jake, who they heck is that  dude who went flying in there to make a play?"  Most the of the time was answer was Michael Wadsworth. Much like many of the safeties before him (see Scott Johnson, Andrew Rich, Daniel Sorensen, Craig Bills) the dude has a nose for the ball and plays with lots of heart.

8) Devon Blackmon


Even though Devon was robbed of a TD catch he still had a huge day with 6 catches for 105 yards. The twin towers (Kurtz / Matthews) had a relatively quiet night but the wide receiving core still had a good night. There is definitely some depth there.

7) Harvey Langi / Bronson Kaufusi

I'm splitting this one between Harvey and Bronson because they are currently in a bidding ward for a piece of property in the Boise State backfield. Both of them made frequent visits on Saturday night and really enjoyed themselves. I'll keep everyone posted once I hear from the realtor on who won out.

6) Adam Hine

Remember last week when I sent a bunch of mean tweets about Mitch Matthews and then he won the game? Well it pretty much happened again this week but this time with Adam Hine.

After a very disappointing effort on 3rd and short, I was not  happy with the way that Adam Hine was running the football.

Adam was stuffed once again in the second quarter and I kind of flew off the handle. I mean things really got out of hand.

I guess he read my tweets at halftime because he came out in the second half running like a man possessed. So Adam, if you're reading this, please forgive me for my hateful tweets and know that I only say these things because I love you and want the best for you. Cool?

5) Bronco Mendenhall

I could give a four-hour discourse on the defense in the second quarter in which Boise State started drives at their own 48, the BYU 32 and the BYU 45 on three straight drives that resulted in ZERO POINTS. But that's not where Bronco and the defensive staff earn their standing. It's in the 4th quarter Bronco worked his magic.

After the BYU defense gave up a gut-punch of a touchdown with 2:03 left in the 3rd quarter, things were looking dismal for the Cougars. Then Bronco rallied the troops. Unofficial sources that have chosen to remain nameless have said that Mendenhall gave this exact speech to the defense at the start of the 4th quarter.

And what happened in the 4th quarter? WELL LET'S TAKE A LOOK.

Boise State Possession #1 - 2 PLAYS, 0 YARDS - INTERCEPTION

Boise State Possession #2 - 3 PLAYS, -11 YARDS - PUNT

Boise State Possession #3 - 3 PLAYS, -1 YARD - PUNT


Boise State Possession #5 - 3 PLAYS, 4 YARDS - END OF GAME

If you don't think that Bronco is a good defensive coach then you need to see a doctor.

4) Brett Keisel


What do you do when you're asked carry out the alumni flag onto the field? You run over to the opposing sideline and wave the flag as the other team comes onto the field. That is the only correct answer.

Also can I get a framed copy of this photo to put on my nightstand? Please and thank you.

3) Mitchell Juergens

Four catches. 172 yards. Two touchdowns. One game winner. All from a former walk-on.

He really wanted to add a touchdown pass to that list but he threw it into double coverage. IT'S OK THOUGH BECAUSE HE REDEEMED HIMSELF BY CATCHING A BALL THAT WAS THROWN INTO DOUBLE COVERAGE. ALL IS FORGIVEN.

2) Tanner Mangum

The first week of the season Boise State faced off against a true freshman quarterback by the name of Jake Browning. In that game, the alleged wunderkind was a pedestrian 20-of-34 for 150 yards and one interception. In watching highlights of the game it was very clear that Browning was a freshman as he panicked under pressure and played it safe.

There were definitely moments in this game that Tanner looked like a freshman. He threw the ball into heavy coverage a few times and on one play he failed to recognize a WIDE open Nick Kurtz until the very last second. But those freshman like moments were few and far between. No matter how many times he got hit or chased out of the pocket, Tanner bounced right back up ready to lead the charge.

He still has a long ways to go in his development as a pure passer but I love that he plays with some kind of strange "awe shucks" moxie found in the likes of Andrew Luck. You can knock him to the ground but he'll probably bounce right back up and compliment the linebacker on a well-timed blitz. Even after throwing two bad interceptions he didn't lose his confidence.

Oh yeah, he has knack for coming up big in the last minute of the game. That is a cool thing that he can do.

1) Kai Nacua

Mike Littlewood might want to take a look at Kai for the baseball team because the kid can close in on the ball like a center fielder. Call it luck. Call it being in the right place at the right time. Whatever you call it, you can't somehow snag three interceptions in one game and not be a talented athlete. A blind squirrel can find a nut every once in a while but he doesn't find three in one afternoon. He is going to be good.


The fourth quarter continues to belong to the Cougars. Last week the defense played tough and pitched a shutout in the final quarter but this week they straight DOMINATED. Boise State had five drives and NEGATIVE EIGHT TOTAL YARDS in the 4th quarter. Oh and did I mention that BYU scored 21 points because they did. All of this happened after that awesome tribute to Taysom.


When it comes to fake Twitter accounts, it doesn't get much better than @FauxPelini. After beating his former team last Saturday the (fake) coach had some nice things to say about BYU's second miracle finish.


Before the start of the 4th quarter there was a really nice tribute to Taysom Hill but someone had to ruin it by being the ONE PERSON THAT HELD THE 4 UPSIDE DOWN. NOT COOL ROBERT FROST.


What's this? UCLA is a college where people like to drink alcohol? BRO COLLEGE LYFE BRO.

PS - I live about 2 miles from UCLA campus. If you have an suggestions for any kind of shenanigans I should pull in the next few days, please leave a note in the comments section. Thanks.