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BYU football player profile: The unheralded return of WR Colby Pearson

Impact wide receiver Colby Pearson returns from injury this Saturday. Look for BYU's leading returning downfield threat to make even more big plays in 2015.

Jim Urquhart-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday's game in Lincoln against the Nebraska Cornhuskers makes the return of not one, but two productive Idahoans returning to the field back from injury for the Cougars.

Of course, you are well aware of Taysom Hill's return. But don't sleep on the wideout from Blackfoot, Idaho.

Colby Pearson is as undervalued, underutilized, and under-appreciated a player can be on the BYU roster. An injustice as he was one of the most productive receivers last season who showed genuine big play ability. Pearson was given limited play opportunities in the slot, but when he got them, he made the most of his time on the field.

Pearson's 2014 campaign was proceeding swimmingly before he was injured during the UNLV game. Pearson had 16 catches for 270 yards and 3 TDs. Pearson was better at stretching the field than any other receiver (min. 5 catches) last season as his 16.9 yards per catch led the BYU receiving corp. Colby collected passes of 30, 34, 37 and 81 yard gains.

He was BYU's 3rd leading receiver before his injury, and despite missing 4 games and getting limited downs last season, Pearson was the team's 4th leading receiver in yardage. In fact, Pearson is one of three receivers (Mathews and Juergens) on the current BYU roster to have 100+ yards receiving in a NCAA D1 game.

Despite that, with the amount of depth and excitement about the wide receivers, once again Pearson has been overlooked. Mitch Mathews is a proven #1 receiver. Nick Kurtz has the attributes of a top wideout. Mitchell Juergens looks every bit the JD Falslev/Nate Meikle type that fans have been accustomed to, but with a little more speed. Devon Blackmon has clocked fast times and was once on the Oregon squad. Meanwhile, Pearson is a proven commodity -- whose tough, determined, and smart receiving will be felt once again downfield.

Ultimately, Pearson's lack of attention is what is best for him individually. As teams focus in on Mathews or others, Colby will have the opportunity to expose defenses and make them pay -- something he did last season. Look for him to do it again this season with even more production, so long as he gets more playing downs and his health holds up.