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BYU vs. Nebraska: Taysom Hill heads to locker room limping, but returns after re-taping

A scary moment for a few minutes, but Hill has returned.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

POST-GAME UPDATE: On a different play, Hill reinjured his foot and it is indeed serious.

* * *

UPDATE: After Tanner Mangum ran several plays, including completing a pass for a first down, Hill returned to the field and appears to be running well. ABC reported Hill received an extensive re-tape of his ankle to secure a mild ankle sprain.

* * *

Taysom Hill came up limping after a 21-yard touchdown run with 13 minutes left in the second quarter.

The TD run tied the game 14-14 and was Hill's second of the game. As he crossed the goal line, he began to limp as he returned to what he thought would be the huddle -- a penalty was called and looked like a hold, but was deemed hands to the face by a Nebraska defender.

The limp was immediate after Hill scored, and appeared to be his right leg -- not the twice injured left leg -- that was in pain.

Hill limped all the way to the locker room after the play, and Tanner Mangum was seen warming up on the sidelines. KSL's Rod Zundel is reporting it is for a re-taping, but the limp is still concerning.

We'll update Hill's situation as information is available.