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VIDEO: Watch BYU's Tanner Mangum throw game-winning hail mary to Mitch Mathews


Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

BYU coughed up a 24-14 lead and struggled for the entire second half. Taysom Hill was injured for a second time, a sprained right ankle. He was not coming back.

A missed Nebraska gave BYU new life, taking the ball back with no timeouts and less than one minute remaining.

On a fourth down play with one second left, Tanner Mangum, the great golden boy, threw up a prayer to Mitch Mathews. Mathews had struggled most of the game, unable to shed his press coverage. He and the QB's were also not in sync, as Mathews caught many passes out of bounds on the day.

The prayer was offered up:

BYU won the fourth quarter 9-0.

Nebraska's streak of winning 29 consecutive home openers has come to and end. And BYU is 1-0.

Here is a great angle from KSL's Dave Noriega shot from the endzone:

Here's another ground-level angle, this one from the goal-line side of the endzone. Great view: