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BYU Football: Taysom Hill out for the season with a fractured foot, per reports

An epic win has a tragic ending.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

After the Cougars enjoyed the feeling of euphoria on a last second Hail Mary from Tanner Mangum, the next feeling may be devastation. Multiple reports are saying that superstar QB Taysom Hill is done for the year, which would likely end his career as well. Early in the game Hill suffered a mild sprained ankle but came back on the field to play.

In the fourth quarter the tide changed while the Cougars were struggling. On a 3rd and 17 from deep in Cougar territory a simple scramble and run, where Hill slid well short of the 1st down, may end up being his final play in the Blue and White. After limping off the field, he went straight back to the locker room and Mangum played hero.


If Hill is in fact done as a Cougar, we will have memories that will last a lifetime, as he'll go down as one of the most exciting players in BYU history. However, a career cut short will always leave us wondering what if.

As Mangum walks away from his first game, we can see that the future is still bright, but it hurts to lose a possible Heisman candidate, and excellent representative of the school.

Best wishes go out to Taysom and his family from Cougar Nation.