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BYU football coaching staff: Where to follow new coaches on Twitter

Will we have a tweeter who gets under the skin of Utah fans? Time will tell!

L to R: TE coach Steve Clark, Director of Football Ops Russell Tialavea, Assistant S&C coach A.J. Middelton.
L to R: TE coach Steve Clark, Director of Football Ops Russell Tialavea, Assistant S&C coach A.J. Middelton.
BYU Athletics

BYU football's coaching staff is now complete (save any possible changes to graduate assistants, which can happen every year regardless of full-time staff changes).

Kalani Sitake has assembled a staff full of BYU alumni but diverse in background and experience.

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It's fun to learn about the personalities of each coach, which can often come out on Twitter. Now-Utah receivers coach Guy Holliday was a notable BYU follow. He rubbed Utah fans the wrong way, tweeted in ALL CAPS a lot -- and who can ever forget #GetYourPissHot.

Will we have anyone like that on the new football staff? Time will tell, and here's where to follow. (Note: This is not a reference for who to bomb with your #hot #coaching #takes when BYU loses, because that makes you an imbecile.)

Head Coach: @kalanifsitake

Sitake does not tweet often -- 136 tweets in 3 years and a total of 10 in 2015 -- so I wouldn't expect too much magic. But still, he's the head coach, so click that Follow button.

Last tweet:

OC & QB Coach: @TyDetmer14

Detmer has a history of some interaction with fans prior to his hire as offensive coordinator. He also posted awesome #huntingphotos, but those have given way to #recruitingphotos and snaps of him catching up with old teammates as he's on the recruiting trail. Plus, why wouldn't you follow a Heisman Trophy winner?

DC & LB Coach: @coachtuiaki

Here's a guy who still needs some follows. Ilaisa Tuiaki is not a BYU alum, so he probably wasn't on your Twitter radar until now. He's a Provo native, however, and is definitely all-in with the Cougars.

Offensive line: @CoachEmpey

Mike Empey's first tenure at BYU was before Twitter existed. But his avatar is a gnarly looking cougar in full growl and he appears to be willing to send out bat-signal recruiting tweets.

Running backs: @RenoMahe

His timeline is random footballness until his hire yesterday, so time will tell what Reno Mahe has in store for BYU fans. I hope he keeps his current full-bearded avatar.

Receivers: Ben Cahoon

As far as I can tell, Ben Cahoon is not on Twitter. :-(

You can follow this architect Ben Cahoon though if you want.

Tight ends: Steve Clark

Two non-tweeters in a row. There's this Canadian member of parliament Steve Clark though.

Defensive line: @Coach_Kaufusi

Steve Kaufusi is the lone wolf retainee from the previous coaching staff. His thoughts might be hard to come by, however. His Twitter account has 2 tweets since it was opened in 2009. It's also private and has only 39 followers, suggesting he hasn't logged in for years. Go click that follow button and see if he gets enough emails to become Twitter active.

Cornerbacks: @jernarogilford

Excited to have Jernaro Gilford back at BYU. This represents a big coaching break for him and I hope we see success at cornerback like his players at Southern Utah did. As for his Twitter account, bonus points for supporting his SUU players publicly until the very day he was announced at BYU. His head coach even tweeted about him recruiting just a few days ago.

Safeties and Assistant HC: @byulamb

After previously writing that Ed Lamb was not on Twitter, @BYUJazz12 gave us the assist for @byulamb. It appears to be a new account and Lamb has yet to tweet from it, but it's there!

Football Operations: @TialaveaR

Recent alum Russell Tialavea has been promoted from assistant to head director of football ops. His Twitter account is recently quiet but I expect more from Russ now that the staff is complete and the ball is rolling.

Player Personnel/Recruiting: @kards87

Tevita Ofahengaue is the lone BYU coach with a Twitter handle that doesn't include his name -- it's an ode to his jersey number with the Arizona Cardinals. I couldn't find an actual tweet composed by Ofahengaue in some time. His timeline is a retweet tribute to Polynesians in football (given his work with AIGA Foundation, obviously), but a few more BYU retweets began to creep into his timeline recently.

Strength and conditioning: Nu'u Tafisi

A guess it's a bummer to end the list with a non-tweeter, but here we are.

Institutional accounts:

@dufftittle (associate AD/media relations)
@brettpyne (football media relations)