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BYU football joining ROC student section for tonight's NIT basketball game

It is going to be very loud tonight.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

In the 2nd half of last Friday's victory against Virginia Tech, new BYU football coach Kalani Sitake made his way over from his front row seats behind the Hokies bench to row 2 of the ROC.

Sitake cheerfully did all of the gimmicks to will missed Hokie free throws with the students. Kalani enthusiastically danced during time outs. He amped the student section up to 11. As you can see from this picture tweeted by Jeff Call the students thought it was pretty cool to watch a basketball game with the head football coach.

Apparently, the experience was positively effecting on Sitake himself as today it was announced that the BYU football team will be attending tonight's NIT quarterfinal against Creighton.

The news comes via the BYU ROC student section twitter account:

For the devoted Cougar basketball fans in the ROC, they will get a chance to sit, cheer, and (of course) take selfies with most of the players on the football squad.

Had this occurred a decade ago, it would have been amazing to see a crowd-pleasing pre-game Haka.

Regardless, the Marriott Center is going to be special tonight. A big gameagainst a quality opponent, with a bunch of people shirking their civic duties in favor of fan-hood was enough to ensure a great college basketball atmosphere. The presence of Kalani on the front row added to the environment. Sitake joining the ROC elevated it further. Now with the football team in the house sitting together, whoa! Bring your earplugs!