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BYU's Bronson Kaufusi to visit with at least 8 teams prior to the NFL Draft

Bronson Kaufusi is reportedly working out with no fewer than eight teams in preparation for the upcoming draft.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Several athletes from last year's BYU Football team have workouts with teams, but there is no question this year's top NFL prospect is Bronson Kaufusi. Cougar fans obviously aren't the only ones impressed with his versatility and pass rush ability, as Kaufusi will visit with at least eight teams before draft day. Josh Norris of NBC Sports tweeted this on Wednesday:

It's a relief to see some great organizations on this list. So many good college players get buried in terrible organizations and their careers don't amount to much. I don't think any of these teams fall into the terrible organization category and most of them have had recent success (except for the Bills and Jets).

Rex Ryan is a defensive genius. The Bills may not be great at anything else, but if Bronson shows he has the skills, Ryan will utilize him well. The Jets are coached by Todd Bowles, a defensive-minded guy and Kaufusi would add to what is already a solid defensive unit in New York.

Here are my top three hopefuls:


The Broncos are coming off a super bowl championship with the catalyst being their defense. I believe that playing for good coaches and behind great players are the two best things for NFL newbies. Denver fits the bill for both of these. Gary Kubiak is an above average head coach and defensive coordinator, Wade Phillips is well known and players seems to enjoy playing for him.

Von Miller is a freak at outside linebacker and DeMarcus Ware plays a combo of linebacker and defensive end. The two form one of the best pass rushing duos in the league.  Kaufusi may fit well in the league as a Ware-type defender, so why not learn from him and the reigning Super Bowl MVP?

New England

This is an easy choice, have you ever seen the headline, "NFL Rookies go to die in New England", no. Say what you want about cheating, but The Patriots are a well run organization that thrives at getting the best from their players. It seems that there are two or three guys every year that work on the Patriots, having not worked anywhere else.


I get that the Dirty Birds probably won't be a popular choice, but trust me this makes sense. Falcons' coach Dan Quinn has made his career coaching the defensive line. He has coached d-lines at both the college and pro level for top tier programs, and done well. He was also the Seahawks' defensive coordinator when they won the super bowl. The guy knows what he is doing.

Combine Quinn with Falcons' defensive coordinator,  Richard Smith and you get a perfect tandem of coaches for Bronson. Smith has been a linebackers coach for multiple NFL organizations and has mentored the likes of Von Miller, DeMeco Ryans, and Mario Williams.

All in all, Bronson Kaufusi is a shoe-in to get drafted and it will be fun to have another BYU player in the league.

Where would you like to see Kaufusi land? Tell us in the comments.