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Listen to Barry Switzer say BYU is the best option for Big 12 Expansion

One of the most prominent figures in OU football says BYU might be the best addition to the Big 12.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

In the curious case of Big 12 expansion, BYU has found a friend in Oklahoma.

It's no secret that OU president David Boren has favored expansion for his conference and it looks like another prominent figure in Oklahoma athletics is backing BYU-to-the-Big 12.

Former Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer went on SiriumXM College Sports with Mark Packer and explained why he thinks that BYU is the best expansion candidate for the Big 12. In terms of qualifications, Switzer mentions proximity, national prominence and is a school that can beat you. Switzer continued saying, "(They're) a bunch of white boys that can beat up on you and I've seen them beat Oklahoma the last time they played em."

Listen to the full clip from the interview here.

It was long thought that Barry Switzer disliked BYU, at least according to radio host Colin Cowherd. During his morning show, Cowherd relayed a story from Switzer in which the OU couch accused BYU of cheating. The story alleges that when Switzer and his team (didn't say which one) came up to Provo the BYU coaches were listening in on their headsets. It was a nice story for AM sports radio but as it turns out Barry Switzer never coached a team that played in Provo. Both times that BYU played Oklahoma were outside of Provo. Either Cowherd's story is completely false (most likely) or Switzer respects BYU for their willingness to win at any cost.

Either way, Coach Switzer is the latest (and most interesting endorsement) of BYU thus far.