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Big 12 expansion: Bob Bowlsby asked to evaluate candidates' interest; BYU and others remain on hold

Well what did you expect from the Big 12?

Bowlsby looks as confused as the rest of us.
Bowlsby looks as confused as the rest of us.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

With all kinds of build-up, reports, speculation -- and a long wait on hold -- we still know little about the Big 12 Conference and its plans for expansion except that it wants more information and expansion seems to be more alive than dead.

After a lengthy meeting held up a planned media conference call Tuesday, the Big 12 did not announce a decision about their direction for expansion (or non-expansion).

Rather, the league's board of directors have given commissioner Bob Bowlsby the green light to "actively evaluate" the interest of those who might want to join the conference. A interesting bit is that it was a unanimous vote, meaning previously seen as against expansion Texas, voted for the motion.

Oklahoma president David Boren said adding two our four teams was on the table. He also said there wasn't a timetable for anything, but in the most Big 12 way possible to encapsulate its expansion prospects, said they "intend to be active very soon".

Give the criteria given in the meeting, Cougar fans should feel good about their chances:

So there you have it. Come one, come all, beleaguered Group of 5 schools, and make your pitch to join the least organized Power 5 conference in the land.