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BYU Soccer: Cougars sit in 2nd with three to play

While the Cougars finished the week 1-1-1, they still have a firm grip on second place heading into the final stretch.

BYU Players prepare against FC Colorado
BYU Players prepare against FC Colorado
Kevin Kennedy

In a strange week for BYU soccer, the Cougars played three games and all three were against the Real Colorado Foxes.  With the first game at home and the last two on the road, the Cougars had all they could handle of the Foxes as they managed a win, a loss, and a tie.  With the results from last week, BYU sits with 22 points in the Mountain Division of the PCL's Western Conference.  Sitting six points ahead of the Cougars is FC Tucson, who has played one more game than the Cougars.  If the Cougars are going to make a final push for the division, they will need to take advantage of the last three games, and ask for a little help from others.  Here is what happened last week:

BYU vs Real Colorado (Provo)

In an aggressively played game between the two clubs, the Cougars missed a number of opportunities to put themselves on the board but came up short in the first half.  The Foxes drew first blood in the 10th minute as Ri Armstrong surprised the Cougars by giving up only the fourth goal of the season for Colorado.  The score stayed 1-0 for the Foxes through the first half and up until the 50th minute when Winston Sorhaitz scored the equalizer.  Both teams continued to be aggressive through the full 90 minutes, but the game was decided in the 82nd minute when Blake Frischknecht took a pass from Pedro Vasconcelos and put the header into the net.

BYU vs Real Colorado (Littleton)

The first road game of the trip wasn't as kind to the Cougars with the first half being played to a 0-0 tie and  the Foxes being the aggressors.  With a 9-7 advantage in shots, Real Colorado made Jake Petersen earn his time on the field as he was forced to save six shots in the first half just to keep the game scoreless.  In the second half, the Cougars were the aggressor as they took 10 shots to the Foxes 4, but the difference was that Colorado hit the net in 3 of the 4.  Joseph Madigan was the player of the game as he scored the second goal in the 61st minute and assisted on the final goal in the 74th minute.  With a 0-3 loss the Cougars dropped the second game and didn't earn any points for their playoff push.

BYU vs Real Colorado (Littleton)

In the rubber match between the teams, the Cougars were determined to come out and play a stronger game than on Friday and the defense was up to the task in the first half.  The Cougars made it easier on Brian Hale in the first half as he only needed to worry about two shots, and neither were close enough to count as a save. The offense started with pressure on Miguel Rosales with 10 shots in the half, although only three had to be saved.  The teams again went into the half with a 0-0 tie before Real Colorado came out aggressive in the second half with 15 shots.  The Cougars answered with nine, but neither team could get the ball past the opposing goalie and finishing the game in a 0-0 tie.  The Cougars recorded their first shutout of the regular season but unfortunately it came at a time when their offense stalled, but still earning them one point in the standings.

Next Game

BYU comes back home for an Independence Day game against the LA Misioneros.  The game starts at 7:30 pm at South Field.  Tickets are available and make sure to take a pillow and blankets so you can watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks from the field.  Go Cougars!