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BYU Soccer Senior Spotlight: Scott Heaton

Injuries and a mission haven't stopped the drive of Cougar senior Scott Heaton.

#17 Scott Heaton looks on before a game at South Field
#17 Scott Heaton looks on before a game at South Field
Abigail Keenan

Playing one last home game under the shadow of Y mountain is only fitting for a young man that grew up looking towards nothing but BYU.  Senior forward Scott Heaton comes from a long line of Cougars as he has five siblings that graduated from BYU.  Scott was so confident in his ability to qualify for a scholarship from BYU, that he only put in one application.  He knew where he wanted to go to school, and in life, and wanted a place where he could be around people that could hold to the same standards as himself.

Growing up in Provo provided a number of opportunities for Scott when it came to sports and as an athlete he decided to pursue soccer and basketball.  Soccer became his love over the years as he learned to appreciate the free flowing creativity that soccer provided him.  It didn't hurt that his best friends were soccer players as well.

I will never forget the feeling when I first made the team.  I had gotten cut the first year I tried out...I worked really hard to get better and was able to be the only walk on to the team the next year -Scott Heaton

Scott first played in a game with the Cougars in 2008, where he played seven games and scored two goals, but things didn't start off as planned.  After his first try out with the BYU soccer team, he didn't make it to the final tryout session.  Instead of giving up and focusing on school, he pushed forward, worked extremely hard to improve his game and became the only walk on to the team in 2008.  The official stats show that he scored those two goals in seven games, but the stats are only kept for the PDL season so they don't count one of his most memorable goals that year.  Just imagine being a freshman player that is going up against the hometown professional team, Real Salt Lake in a friendly.  Now imagine playing in the game and scoring against RSL. Not too many players have that opportunity and that is one moment he will always remember.

Scott has had his ups and downs in his career as any player does, but injuries have cost him some game time yet he never let it take over his mindset and this has allowed him to grow as a player and as a person.  Scott missed last year due to two hip surgeries, but has come back strong this year as he has played in 12 games while scoring a goal and adding four assists.

After four years of soccer, broken up because of injuries and a two year mission to Japan, Scott will cherish the relationships he has built with people on and off the team.  Travel to Fiji, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, and even the away games in places like Las Vegas and Colorado have helped build relationships that will last forever.  Missing an away game, for any reason, was disappointing and frustrating and just shows the love that Scott has for the game and his teammates.

Scott graduated in April of this year with a Masters degree in Tax Accounting and has a job lined up in San Jose with the accounting firm Ernst & Young.  Soccer will always be on his mind, in his heart, and he will always find a way to incorporate it into his life.  His hope is to continue playing at a high level, while holding a full time job, but even if he is just making quality time to coach his kids in his favorite sport, he will continue to hold on to the sport that helped define his life.

As fans of BYU soccer, we have watched you put everything you had into this game, into this team, and you will be missed on the field.  We thank you and wish you the best in all your future endeavors.