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Podcast 101: Zags Preview, Ziggy turns heads

After a week on the DL, the boys return to talk Gonazaga, Ziggy's rising draft stock, the new offensive coaching staff, and Tom Holmoe on Twitter. Get your Rise & Shout podcast here!

William Mancebo

We know you missed us on our week off, but we make up for it by covering 95.7% of all BYU sporting news.

First up, we preview Gonzaga, and state the obvious: the Zags are really good, and BYU is not as good. We then make room on the Ezekiel Ansah bandwagon for a host of new riders from the national media. Other questions answered on this podcast: What will the new offensive coaching staff mean for BYU football in 2013? And is Tom Holmoe being clear enough on Twitter about BYU's intentions regarding the Big 12? We also answer your #Tweetbag questions.

Listen to this podcast here, download it on iTunes, and tweet at us @byu_riseshout.

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