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Podcast 99: Jay Drew on football recruiting, Carlino

Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune returns to the podcast to talk football recruiting and Matt Carlino. Adam and Matt revisit bad sports movies, discuss the best movies of 1999, and talk some BYU sports.


In the 99th episode of the greatest BYU sports podcast produced in Minnesota, we welcome back Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune. We chat with him about the football recruiting class, Robert Anae's offensive coaching staff (or lack thereof) and the resurgent Matt Carlino.

Matt and Adam then revisit their worst sports movie discuss, and decide which movie from 1999 they'd take with them if stuck on a desert island. The boys also discuss recruiting, and wonder if Carlino's upside is what we thought it might be a year ago.

All of this, and much more of course. Don't forget to download us on iTunes and to follow us on Twitter @byu_riseshout.

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